Spam will account for over 60% of email volume by the end of 2004. Gardner
SPAM is a growing nuisance costing your business time and money in loss of productivity. You can stop it now easily and quickly with SpamSpector.
SpamSpector is a state of the art anti-spam software based on SpamPal technology.
SpamSpector is an intelligent AntiSpam program that not only filters all spam from your inbox but also makes sure that all your legitimate mail is delivered.

SpamSpector works thanks to built in filters and compares your email list against Public black list.

SpamSpector also learns from your white list, habits, address book and customized black list. Your blacklist will contribute to the world-wide Public black lists such as DNSBL.

In other words, the more you use SpamSpector, the more efficient it becomes. SpamSpector sits between your email program and your ISP's server and is therefore unobstrusive.
False Positive
Some antispam software are so powerful that they also block your legitimate mail. A legitimate email considered as spam by mistake is called a False positive.
Those can have disastrous consequences: if the email was a confirmation of purchase, a flight confirmation, an important message from one of your client and it ends up in your spam folder or in the trash.
With SpamSpector, false positive are avoided because SpamSpector knows who your important contacts are, from your address book, whitelist and your habits.
For example, if you receive an email on day 1 and do not move it in your blacklist within 7 days, SpamSpector will know the sender of that email is one of your contact and will always allow his e-mails through.
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Self improving, fully evolutive intelligent program
SpamSpector gets better as you use it. It will learn from your habits and your mailing list: the recipients of your emails will be automatically added to your whitelist, also if a certain number of emails from a particular sender are received and not marked as SPAM within 7 days they will automatically be added to the whitelist. All this without having to lift your finger!

Furthermore, SpamSpector uses DNSBL lists to check if your incoming emails are SPAM. These are lists of parts of the Internet that in one way or another facilitate spam. Any email you get from a machine on one of these lists has an increased probability of being spam. DNSBL lists are constantly updated to provide the most up to date and relevant information.

SpamSpector checks numerous DNSBL lists every single time you retrieve your mails for guaranteed results.

Peer To Peer Plugin - Exclusive !
To filter e-mails, P2P plugin uses a spam recognition system working with peer-to-peer technology. It checks on DCC servers if the same e-mail content was previously received by several people in order to treat it like a spam.

Built in filters for guaranteed result
Spamspactor works as a POP3/IMAP4 mail proxy server, in other words, Spamspactor sits between your email program and your ISP's server. When your receive an email, Spamspactor processes the email you receive, works out if these messages are spam and then marks them as spam by adding **SPAM** to the Subject line and by adding a header, X-Spamspector: SPAM

This process is carried out, mainly, by comparing your emails against lists of known spam messages, using Public Blacklists (also called DNSBL lists).

Block all unwanted email and protect legitimate mails
SpamSpector is a spam filtering system whose main aim is to separate spam from the mail you really want to read, by filtering the spam into a separate spamtrap folder. You can then look through the messages in the spamtrap folder at a later date and once you're happy they are all spam, you can delete them!

Easy to install
Thanks to our set up wizard. You just have to follow the step by step guide. It's that easy !

User friendly interface
Easy to use and to navigate in the programm.

Works with most email clients
Such as Outlook, Outlook Express, the Bat or Eudora.

>> Why Choose SpamSpector?
With some/most anti-spam softwareWith SpamSpector
Long and complex registration process.+ Quick and easy with SpamSpector set up wizard
It takes time to get acquainted with the service's settings and features before actually using it.+ SpamSpector is user friendly and starts fighting spam immediately .
Internet mailbox can only be cleaned when you are working from a specific PC.+ Your mailbox will be spam-free regardless of the PC you are accessing it from - from work, home, or an Internet cafe.
It takes time to import address book to white list and customize anti-spam software+ SpamSpector is the only intelligent program that learns from your habits, remembers the recipient of your emails and automatically include them in your white list.
Increased risk of losing legitimate mails + SpamSpector allows you to view and retrieve messages marked as Spam and stored in the Spam Folder
Have to change configuration of your existing applications.+ You don't need to change any of your mail client settings.
Anti-spam providers frequently require mail to be forwarded to special addresses.+ You don't have to do anything different or special with your mail, addresses, or providers.
If you have multiple mailboxes, you can only clean only one of them, and have to pay extra for cleaning any additional accounts.+ There is no limit to the number of mailboxes you can have cleaned and made spam-free.